18 Pounds in 4 Days Diet Program

Dr. Kavita | December 7, 2010

James Zeta is the creator of 18 pounds in 4 days diet program which claims that it contains a special and most appropriate way of combining foods which will enable you to lose weight in just four days. This may sound a little bogus for some because it does not require any exercise, meal replacements or supplements but you will be the judge in this matter so here is some basic information about his 18 pounds in 4 days diet program.

The program is composed of a 4-day calorie restricted diet which utilizes vegetables combined with small portions of lean proteins and fruits. It claims that the diet will not require you to purchase anything special but it will simply teach you the proper way of combining foods so you can lose weight fast. Furthermore, this diet need no other meal replacements, supplements or even exercise because the special combination of food is enough to help you trim down your weight.

The diet may not require the above mentioned things but it will certainly and strictly require you to do one thing that is to follow the detailed outline of foods contained in the diet program. These will only be for four days and if you will indeed follow the instructions then you will lose 18 pounds in just four days.

One of the complaints of the users against this diet program is the experience of hunger and fatigue mainly because of its low calorie diet content. Furthermore, critics say that water is the element which is flushed out from the body and not the stored fats. Lastly, there are no scientific researches which supports the effectiveness and safety of this program instead all it has are testimonials from previous users.

The book costs $27 and offers a money back guarantee nevertheless several unsatisfied clients bear witness that the money back guarantee is not followed accordingly. Moreover, after the four day period you are expected to return to your normal eating habits which meant a return to your daily calorie intake that will bring you additional weight gain.

A word of advice, diet programs which are made by persons who have no medical or scientific background should not be trusted. They lack the credibility that will assure you that the diet regimen which they proposed will not produce any negative side-effects. But if you still want to proceed and take the risk of harming your health because of this diet programs then you still hold the liberty to do so.

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