Why Do You Get Sugar Cravings On a Weight Loss Plan?

Dr. Kavita | October 3, 2010

Craving for sugar or sweet dishes is a pattern which nearly every one of us has. Irrespective of whether we are on a weight loss plan or a low calorie diet or not, we all have gone through these impulsive cravings to indulge our sweet tooth. Before exploring deeper in to the modus operandi to get liberated of these unexpected sugar cravings when on a weight loss plan and diet, we should be aware of the explanation behind the cravings, primarily.

Why does the body initiate a longing for sweet items, on an impulse? Is our body attempting to tell us something, by blinking a warning sign of sweet hunger?

Severe food cravings are not simply a matter of habit, but have a multitude of causes following them. Sudden vacillation or plummeting in the level of glucose in the blood can be at the root of an intense sugar craving.

The other explanation is discrepancy in the hormone levels, more distinctively the thyroid hormone levels. Hypothyroidism is more often than not coupled with passionate yearning for sugar and sweet dishes.

An additional raison d’être is the abrupt plunge in the energy levels of the body. When the body passes through a phase of low energy or a dip in level of energy, it launches signals to the brain. These signals are then inferred by the brain and we are instigated to sense a hankering for high calorie foods like sweets or pastries etc. 

The other commonest basis of sugar craving is stress and mental apprehension. Many people have developed definite comfort foods, to fall back on and rely upon while going all the way through a disturbing turmoil in life or during episodes of acute mental stress.

These foods are universally sweets and chocolates which endow the folks who eat them, with a ‘feel good ‘factor. Dieting and going on a weight loss plan is a popular explanation for stress and emotional apprehension, for the reason that you are put under a severe dietary system and corrective control during dieting on a weight loss plan. This is more than ever spot on with the low cal diet which cuts down the calorie and energy levels severely.

So the next time you begin to experience a sweet craving while on a weight loss plan, you know that it is a warning signal from your blood, indication a plummeting of energy and glucose.

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