Herbal slimming pills, natural and safe?

Dr. Kavita | September 5, 2010

It is human nature to have a desire for looking good and attractive. The concept of considering slimness as attractiveness is comparatively a new trend. Well, only a very small amount of people are blessed with a naturally slim frame, and the rest of us have to depend on popping herbal slimming pills as a slimming aid. The risk of taking chemical medications to reduce enormous amounts of weight probably seems to be too much for the majority of the folks. No wonder that herbal slimming pills are so much in demand nowadays.

At least 3 decades ago, curvy women were considered to be sexy and attractive. The skinny and slim look began to be considered sexy; only very recently with the advent of the skinny models walking the ramp.

The herbal slimming pills seem to be on top of the list of slimming aids, for numerous reasons. The first plus point is that the ingredients are all natural and herbal. The mere mention of the term ‘herbal’ makes people come to a foregone conclusion that it should definitely be safe. Bu this is no always the norm.

Herbal slimming pills do have certain side effects and unwanted health outcomes too. For instance some herbal slimming pills contain marine seaweeds like Fucus vesiculosis because they have been associated with weigh loss.

But the fact of the matter is that these seaweeds contain a huge amount of iodine, and bring about some amount of weight loss by acting on the Thyroid gland of the body. Persistent tampering with the normal functioning of the Thyroid can certainly lead to ill effects on health.

The other reason why people prefer these herbal slimming pills is because of their ease of use. It is easier to pop a pill to slimness rather than sweating it out at the gym. Many companies who are manufacturing herbal slimming pills have come under the FDA scanner due to health concerns and questionable safety claims about the ingredients.

Slimming herbal pills act in different ways. Some of them bring about a weight loss by suppressing the appetite. These appetite suppressants not only curb the urge to eat but may also create a sensation of fullness and bloating, thus preventing further consumption of food.

Some herbal slimming pills also contain laxatives which stimulate excess bowel movements. What ever may be the ingredients and their effects, it is always better to check with your doctor before attempting to use any of these herbal slimming pills.

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